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"A look back at our history as we celebrate and honor our family"


Welcome to the Tansey Family web site! I'm excited to be the official webmaster for this site, and hope to add family photos, stories and other bits of family history of the Ray and Audra Tansey family.

Go to "Our Story" and find out the history of the Tansey name!

Tansey Family News

Our picnic was a success, once again!

  • Now that we've all returned to our homes, our jobs, our individual lives, it's time to take a quick look back on the 2010 picnic. It was so much fun to get together once again with the Tansey cousins. This time there were several cousins that weren't able to make the picnic due to schedules. We were delighted to have several cousins join us this year for the first time! It was fun to see everyone again and catch up on everything that has taken place since 2008. We had fun "auctioning" off some of Grandpa Ray Tansey's farm tools - a silage cutter, a cultivator, and a wooden tool box that graced a Model-T Ford running board (we suppose it did from pictures). Several other cousins brought special things that went like wild fire! Moneys raised will go towards future mailings, and perhaps an upgraded web site.
  • A huge thanks to Wayne Simmons for sharing "cousin news" from Oklahoma, where he met several cousins on Grandma Audra's side. Wayne and Myrna were able to spend time with Bob Tansey, who lives in Pawnee, OK. He was able to speak to Shirley Emick, from Enid, OK. We're all hoping the Oklahoma cousins will be able to travel to Oregon in the future! The invitation is always open to our "cousins across the miles". 
  • Photos have been uploaded to the Photo Gallery, so take a look and enjoy the day all over!
  • Hey, all you cooks that brought that good food to the picnic, please share your recipe! Send them to Dale and he will post them on the web site.  
  • We are looking to "expand" the Tansey Family web site to include more information on Grandma Audra's side. We have "cousins across the miles" in Oklahoma, California, and Colorado. Over the next year we're going to be in contact with these individuals and let them know who we are!

    It's interesting that some of the cousins from both the Olmsted and Tansey sides live in or did live in Oklahoma, but didn't know each other! We're going to invite these cousins to future picnics and include them on our mailing lists! 
  • We're looking to hold another Tansey Family Picnic; but, need your input. Would you like one next year or in 2012? Please let Dale Shafer know your preference. And, we need a host for the 2011 or 2012 event!  


What's New?

Below are links to video clips and web pages about the crash of the military B-17 plane that took the life of Uncle Rex and 24 fellow servicemen. 
  •  YouTube video taken in August 2008 of an informal gathering at Mount Tom crash site, of some family members. Very touching! This video includes photos from the 1996 and 2001 anniversary gatherings at the site. 

  • Other web links about the B-17 crash.
    Easthampton Community Television
    Another link from YouTube
    Holyoke Timeline

  • There are plans to hold a 15th anniversary gathering of family on Mt. Tom in 2011. This follows the 1996 and 2001 gatherings. Check the web site for information. 

Now Available!
Genealogy charts of various family names! Check out the "Genealogy Charts" link from the left sidebar. This new page includes "family group pages" (family tree pages) for the Tansey, Olmsted, Meeks, and Boatright lines.

There is a new document posted, titled "Desendants of James Boatright". It's a very complete document that was obtained from http://www.genealogy.com/.

Memories of Grandpa & Grandma Tansey

Please visit our family web site often, and check out the blog and photo gallery. I will be adding family photos as time permits. This will be a fun way to remember the Tansey family and the legacy they left.
As I was selecting a design style for the Tansey Family web site, this one stood out among the hundreds available! On their dairy farm in southeast Salem (once rural countryside) stood a red barn. I fondly remember visiting their farm and seeing the big red barn! Perhaps you too remember "Grandpa Tansey's barn"! Please go to our blog and post your memories -- share your stories! 
This is the official Tansey Family web site, where we can post memories and photos gathered through the years, and add memories we make today.
Please consider sharing your stories, photos, and recipes with others through this web site. This will be a fun and educational way to pass on a legacy to the next generations.
                                             Dale Rex Shafer, Webmaster